Figuring out who I am has been life transforming. It’s enabled me to lift my head up and be at peace.


I was able to confront my boss about various issues in the workplace which resulted in a raise. I ultimately realised that I was free to go and do what ever I wanted in life. I’ve since left that job and moved to New Zealand.

I respect myself and see that I have value, I am enough, I am whole, I am smart, I am brave! Even if others don’t see me, I know who I am.

Sarah is a good listener and asks great questions to help understand where you are and where you need to go. I always felt comfortable sharing and being vulnerable – I found myself saying things I never thought I could – this was very liberating!

I love Sarah’s honesty. She’s not afraid to call you out if she smells bullshit.

She’s great at summarising each session and giving new goals to stay engaged with the transforming process.

I’ve been able to see myself for who I am – what more can you ask for!

- Mike -Canterbury, New Zealand

"Before Coaching with Sarah I felt as though I was being driven and not on a clear path way in my business life.  I always felt as if I needed to slow down and have time to think things through to gain a new direction with confidence.


Throughout the coaching period she was very encouraging, focused and supportive.  I found that Sarah had unique insight and offered fantastic tools and processes. 


Sarah’s coaching has allowed me to be able to see clear plans and actions to achieve my goals with confidence and excitement."

- Jenny, Berkshire

"Sarah is a great listener. She encourages me to go deeper, which can be hard but so helpful. She doesn’t try to fix or give the answers or make any judgements, but enables me to find what is right for me.


Sarah has helped me to see things from new perspectives and to reframe things in my mind. She does set challenging 'homework', that I have found hard at times as it can be a stretch. However, once I’ve completed the challenge I feel so accomplished and it’s really helped me to grow."

- Lauren, Washington, US

"I had the fortune to work with Sarah at a stage of my life where I was quite lost about the direction my professional life was taking. I was fed up with the industry I was in but totally clueless as to what to do next.

Sarah challenged me to do things outside my comfort zone, getting me to understand my drivers, motivators and self-imposed barriers.  She challenged my perceptions as to why I was holding back and has given me the confidence and skills to move forward with a total change in career that I would have deemed impossible before I met her.

Sarah is a highly skilled professional with a wealth of skills, expertise and understanding in her field. Her open, honest and inquisitive approach were exactly what I needed to enable me to gain the knowledge and confidence I needed to unlock what I really wanted to achieve and take action. 

- Sarah, Berkshire