Find your voice and learn how to use it 


How often have you found yourself relenting on what you really want to do in order to accommodate someone else?

Maybe you're not speaking out your opinion for fear of upsetting others?

Are you compromising on what’s important to you so others don’t think badly of you?

Or doubting your decisions because someone tells you that, in their humble opinion - you’re wrong?


How does that leave you feeling?

My guess is disappointed, resentful, bitter, frustrated, bullied, powerless, ashamed, overshadowed, ignored…


And that is perfectly understandable.

What would life look like if you got rid of the excuses, stopped listening to the lies you're forever telling yourself, banished your self-limiting beliefs and took that first step to creating the life you really want to live?

Through my coaching sessions I help my clients to identify the areas of their life they want to work on. Together we look at the reasons behind the feelings they have and the impact they’re having on their life. From there I help them to build on their confidence, learn how to express themselves, identify values, create boundaries and map out a future they want to invest in.


My clients find their voice and learn how to use it.

My coaching practice allows you to recognise and open up about what is holding you back.

Looking at what the truth is behind a story you've been telling yourself for years.

How your way of thinking and behaving is restricting you from your fullest potential.

And the self-limiting beliefs that have led you to play small, along with the fear of disappointing others and seeking others approval

What I do really well is journey with you from a place of deep longing, confusion and frustration to a new landscape.

A place of clarity, confidence, direction. Equipping you with tools along the way that will set you up for success in achieving your desired goals.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for those who are motivated to achieve their goals, whatever that might look like. People come to coaching in order to have a more effective life, to get more from life - more confidence, peace, greater impact, balance, contentment, freedom.

It all begins with some kind of stirring from within and the willingness to be honest, vulnerable and brave.

What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation, like no other!

The process of coaching is about bridging where you are now to where you want be.

Focussed around powerful questions.

Creating step by step actions to move you towards your goal.

Supporting you through obstacles and self limiting beliefs.

Providing tools and techniques to ensure changes are an on going process. 

What to expect

  • Explore areas of your personal and professional life that you want to work on.

  • Identify self limiting beliefs.

  • Develop tools and techniques to calm the inner saboteur.

  • Feel more content and in control.

  • Delve into your thoughts, fears and beliefs to understand yourself better.

  • Learn that you are enough.

  • Discover your values and how to live them out.

  • Build confidence and develop self-awareness.

  • Unlock your potential.

  • Maximise your performance.

  • Understand what your motivation and purpose is.

  • Create measurable goals.

  • Find your voice.

So, you know something needs to change and you've made it this far.


Why not get in touch and book a taster session with me to find out if coaching really is for you?

There's no obligation and it may well change your life. This could be the first of many bold steps you take.