I've been a coach now for several years and have worked with people from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances, each one bringing their own unique story that lends itself so well to coaching. Through my clients, I have seen mindsets shifted, bold steps taken and lives transformed.

My coaching draws from my experience of low self esteem, negative self-talk and my deep need to please other people.

I couldn't even tell you when my self-esteem plummeted to nothing, but several factors came into play through my teenage years such as the school bullies, being over-weight, negative self-talk etc. Yet, despite overcoming the bullies, losing weight, getting fit, having a career in television etc the one thing I found difficult to overcome was the need to please other people. 

Over the years a pattern began to emerge of my listening to others opinions and doing what they thought was the right thing for me to do. I did what I was told, afraid of rocking the boat and upsetting people. There were expectations of me that I had to meet. I felt I had to say and do the right things so that I wasn’t a disappointment.

And yet, in trying to avoid being a disappointment, that's really all I became.


You see, compromising who you are on a daily basis in order to keep others happy just isn't sustainable and eventually you'll let someone down but mostly you let yourself down.

I began to realise that fitting in with other people's plans suited and served them more than it served me.

It's been a long journey but a liberating one.


I've learnt to recognise and let go of unhealthy relationships.

To create boundaries that get respected by myself and others.

To have the confidence to speak my feelings and opinions.

To trust in myself and have the boldness to no longer compromise myself in order to please other people.


It's been a hard but rewarding journey.

I get so excited when I see bold steps being taken by my clients, their confidence growing and their lives being changed week by week. I'm excited to start that journey with you too.


Over the years I've led self-esteem courses, been a keynote speaker at conferences across Eastern Europe, I've run marathons and coach other runners to do the same and have my own successful coaching business.


So, if you're looking to silence that inner critic, get some control back in your life, find your voice and build your confidence then I'd love to hear from you.